Manufacturing in India

May 2, 2019

When considering offshoring, historically, Southeast Asia is the first region that comes to mind. However, India is gradually becoming the next low-cost manufacturing hub for electronics. The world’s biggest democracy has introduced many initiatives to promote the manufacturing sector. OEMs are looking to expand supply chains beyond China and southeast due to political uncertainty and rapidly rising labor costs. There is evidence of traditional EMS firms moving their operations to India. The country is equipped with the youngest labor force (median age of 27) in the world. “There is an oversupply of highly-motivated engineering talent.” says Ashvin Navadia, CEO of Vinrox LLP, ATI’s subsidiary operations in Gujarat, India. Our, ISO 9001-:2015 certified, offshore subsidiary is equipped with the latest technology and the management team bolsters years of experience in within the electronics supply chain.
At Assembly Technologies, the transition to offshore is simple. The prototype and NPI stage require an intimate relationship as well as detailed process engineering. Once those steps are complete, one of our program managers, will ensure a seamless product transfer to our offshore facility. 

“We want to help our clients eliminate some of the traditional risk involved in offshoring. There can be communication gaps and inefficiencies in supply chains when dealing with offshore manufacturers. Our goal is to provide the necessary value to eliminate those challenges and make things simple. “ – Soham Savani VP of Business Development.