ATI adds flying probe testing and reverse engineering capabilities

April 10, 2017

In an age where board complexity is increasing and cost reduction is a priority, many OEM’s are looking for alternatives to In-Circuit testing(ICT). ICT comes with excessive costs for fixture design and manufacturing as well as limitations in test points.
Due to these challenges faced by many customers, ATI has invested in a SEICA flying probe tester. The test requires no fixture costs and has very few restrictions when it comes to access points. The tester is one of the fastest on the market and has reverse engineering capabilities. ATI’s goal is to provide this service to customers with complex mid volume production runs. In addition, the necessity of managing field returns is a constant in today’s industry, and in some sectors, such as transportation, infrastructure, communication and defense, the repair returns are often older boards which do not have complete documentation, schematics or construction data. The double-side solutions offered in the SEICA flying probe are ideally suited to carry out reverse-engineering operations, and include all of the necessary software tools to enable the reconstruction of the electrical schematics and the CAD data of the board under repair. This helps to facilitate fault detection and repair, and to produce the documentation necessary for legacy support of the product.