Assembly Technologies announces partnership with India based Electronics Manufacturing Company

February 19, 2016

With competitive labor rates and top pool of engineers to choose from, India is considered the next electronics manufacturing hub. ATI’s strategic partnership offshore will allow regular high-volume customers to take advantage of cost effective solutions. Allnyx Inc, bolsters an 80,000 sq. ft, ISO 9001:2015 certified facility with equipment from top brands in the industry. Operating at 70% capacity, the facility is able to scale quickly for customers with unpredictable demands. All suppliers go through a screening process and must meet certain quality standards in order to be part of the supply chain. In addition, materials can be sourced from the USA. Because of advances in logistics, product can arrive at ATI’s facility in 3 days with real time tracking and on shore testing and QC will minimize risk of defects. Customers utilizing ATI’s global supply chain will have a representative that will ensure off-shore price competitiveness while maintaining onshore level of quality